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***We are redoing my official website and are needing your help. If you live in Europe and have ANYTHING (pictures, news/magazine articles, videos, etc.) of GOOD quality, I am asking if you can share them so that I can share with the world what all I have done. I am also looking for a GOOD quality copy of my performance on Star Search and if any of you happen to have a copy of any of the ads I did as a kid (I.E. McDonalds) that would be great too. I DO plan on thanking EACH of you who can help and we will also make sure that you are credited in what you submit. I thank you ahead of time for any and all help you can give us. At this time, we have a lot of the performances from when I was in Menudo, we are just looking for before and after. Please send any and all materials to my web/promotions team at: Poppypromotion.designs@gmail.com or Heather@rubengomezonline.com Please make sure when you scan copies of magazine or news paper articles that they are on the larger side and are CLEAR. Thank you so much!! Many kisses to all of you and thank you for the support you continue to give me. I love you all! -Ruben

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